Meditations of Fr. Salvatore Farì CM


My thanks to Superior General Fr. Tomaz Mavric and his Council for inviting me to spiritually accompany the members of the Mission Congregation from January to April 2024 on a journey of faith and love in preparation for the 4th centenary of the founding of the Mission Congregation.

The Superior General, in his homily at the opening celebration of the 4th centenary of the foundation of the Congregation of the Mission, stressed the importance of revitalising three dimensions of our Vincentian spirituality “the prophetic dimension which from the grace of the Spirit of God who is ‘above us’ comes to listening to the cry of the poor and the readiness to care; the synodal dimension which sees the overcoming of individualism for a community journey and action; the missionary dimension whose authenticity comes from a deep spirituality, from an intense communion, from closeness and friendship with Jesus”.

The proposed spiritual journey, which will be translated into French, English and Spanish, leads us to revitalise the prophetic, synodal and missionary dimension from the perspective of Vincentian contemplation. There are four stages in our walk together:

January 2024

Vincentian missionaries, experts in contemplation
Closeness to God, empathy towards others, care for creation

February 2024

Vincentian Missionaries and the Path of Beauty
The beauty of good works

March 2024

Vincentian missionaries following the divine Samaritan
With the healthy rhythm of proximity

April 2024

Clothed in the Spirit of Jesus Christ
The clothes of the missionary disciple 

As an icon for the spiritual path I have chosen The Transfiguration by the well-known Italian painter Raphael (you can download it from the internet and print it out) on which we will meditate in February 2024. The path will end in April with a community prayer.

I wish all of you brethren a good contemplative-vincentian journey.

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