A new light went on in Catania with the inauguration of the ‘Lumière’ House for Women in Difficulty on 8 March at the Samaritan Inn

In a gesture of solidarity and compassion, the Congregation of the Mission opened the doors of the Women’s House ‘Lumière’ in Catania, at the historic Locanda del Samaritano. This Friday, 8 March, a ray of hope was lit for many lonely women and victims of violence, thanks to the support and commitment of the Vincentian Fathers and the Azimut Foundation.

La Lumière’ aims to be a safe and welcoming refuge, a place where vulnerable women can find shelter and support in an environment that promotes their dignity and well-being. This project, born out of the growing need for help reported by women in distress, demonstrates the Congregation’s commitment to social causes and its dedication to providing assistance to those in greatest need.

With the support of talented architects and generous funding from the Azimut Foundation, the ‘Lumière’ House is a shining example of Christian charity and community commitment. The inauguration, which took place with His Excellency Monsignor Luigi Renna, Archbishop of Catania in the presence of eminent church and community figures, marks a significant step forward in the fight against violence and marginalisation of women.

We invite all brothers and the community to welcome and support this project, so that it can continue to be a source of hope and rebirth for many women. The ‘Lumière’ House is not just a shelter, but a beacon of light in a world that too often forgets its most vulnerable members.

It is with great enthusiasm that we celebrate this milestone, aware of the journey ahead to build a more just and compassionate future for all.

Office of Communication