XLIII Conventus Generalis

27 June to 15 July 2022


“Revitalizing our Identity

at the beginning of the 5th Century of the CM”









Preparatory Documents

News about the Assembly

General Assembly: On-line Library

General Assembly: On-line Library

The Congregation of the Mission continues to move forward toward the XLIII General Assembly which will take place in Rome during the year of 2022. Therefore, all the provinces, vice-provinces, regions will hold their Domestic Assemblies and Provincial Assembles before...

Superior General

“Dear confreres, I would like to encourage each one of us to take a very active part in the process of preparation toward our General Assembly in June 2022. I would also like to encourage all the Local Superiors, Visitors, Regional Superiors, and Superiors of the International Missions to take as much time as needed and to prepare the necessary space at your Local Assemblies, as well as Provincial Assemblies, to come up with well prepared responses to the questionnaire each one of us is going to receive for study. Through prayer and personal and community reflection, we hope to help each member of the Little Company dream together Jesus’s dream for the Company at the dawn of the 5th Century.”

Father Tomaž Mavrič, CM

Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission

Prepatory Commission

The preparatory commission is composed of the following confreres:

Rolando GUTIÉRREZ ZUÑIGA (Vice-Province of Costa Rica), Gregorio BAÑAGA LAPUS (Coordinator, Province of the Philippines), Brother Stuardo Alberto MARROQUÍN (Province of Central America), Jaroslav JAŠŠO (Province of Slovakia),  Frédéric PELLEFIGUE (Province of France), Guénolé FEUGANG (Vice-Province of Cameroon) and  Thomas J. STEHLIK (Western Province of the United States).

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